15 Early Stage Researcher / PhD student positions:

ESR1.1 Test and Reliability of FinFET memories

Analysing both the aspect of quality and reliability of FinFET memories (e.g. at the 14nm technology node). Unique defects mechanism will be identified, including the Fin related, litho related, etc., as well as the impact of scaling, such as cell capacitance, intrinsic delays, etc. Fault models as well as appropriate test and design-for-testability schemes will be developed. In addition to that, quantification of reliability characteristics of the failure mechanisms and their impact on all parts of a memory system will be covered and appropriate mitigation schemes will be developed.

This activity targets realisation of reliability assesmnet of FinFET memories, fault models and test methods.

Specific background:

Recruitment host: Computer Engineering, Technical University of Delft, Delft, NL

Cross-sectoral co-supervision: IROC, FR

Tentative long-term secondments: Tallinn UT, EE; IROC, FR

Contact: Prof. Dr. Said Hamdioui,

ESR1.2 Adaptive methods for fault tolerant embedded systems
ESR1.3 HW/SW fault tolerance methods driven by reliability and timing constraints
ESR1.4 New Techniques for on-line fault detection
ESR1.5 Reliable operation infrastructure for dynamic, high-dependability applications
ESR2.1 Effective techniques for secure and reliable systems validation
ESR2.2 Innovative real-time operating system for error management for single- and multi-core units
ESR2.3 A synthetic, hierarchical abstraction approach for modelling and managing complex systems quality and reliability
ESR2.4 Functional and extra-functional verification and debug methods for complex nanoelectronic systems
ESR3.1 A novel Physical Unclonable Functions technology
ESR3.2 Design approaches for tamper resistant crypto implementations
ESR3.3 Side-channel and Fault Attack resistant security primitives design
ESR4.1 EDA tools and methodologies for reliable nanoelectronic systems
ESR4.2 EDA tools and methodologies for high quality nanoelectronic systems
ESR4.3 Open-source EDA tools for design quality and reliability automation using zamiaCAD
The RESCUE ETN project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions for research, technological development and demonstration, under grant n. 722325.
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